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9” Selaginella Red Ruby


Also known as Spike Moss or Ruby Red Club Moss, Selaginella erythropus is one of the 700 or so species of vascular plants endemic to South Central Americas. This stunning black and red specimen is a beautiful choice for terrarium-like setups and vivariums. The top of the plant is deep green to black and the undersides of the leaves are a bright, ruby red color.

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Say hello to the Selaginella Red Ruby

This is not a plant, but a conversation piece. Selaginella Red Ruby with it’s unique red and black foilage can be seen thriving in the most humid tropical parts of the world. A potting mix with rich, moist soil conditions is all it takes for the plant to thrive. Selaginella require high humidity to show their best form, so many people like to grown them in terrariums or vivariums.

Adopting and caring for Selaginella

Adopting: Adding a unique, well-grown Selaginella is a feeling only a plant parent can understand. At eplants, we bring you display-ready plants with high-quality growth, compact shape and well-formed fronds.
Locating: Selaginella are undergrowth plants, thriving in deep shade near river banks in the tropics. So any area that offers filtered light is best for these plants. If you can provide continuous humidity above 80% on a consistent basis your Selaginella will love you.
Potting: Ferns need rich, well-drained soil that has been fortified with organic material. So it is ideal to mix good quantities of compost into the potting mix. A blend of coco-peat, compost, and river sand in a 30:50:20 ratio should help your Fern to do well.
Watering: Ferns demand regular watering and misting. Having them in a closed terrarium will ensure that these plants give you their very best.
Fertilising: If you have a good base mixture and your plants are looking bushy and healthy, you can skip the fertilising entirely. However, if you are keen to feed them, use an organic liquid fertiliser. If you are using a chemical mix, dilute them to have the prescribed strength and fertilise them once a month or so. Ensure that the chemicals don’t come in contact with the leaves.
Did you know: These forest dwellers are best housed in the warmth and high humidity of a terrarium or steamy bathroom, then treat just as you would any fern.





9'' Selaginella Red Ruby
9” Selaginella Red Ruby
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