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…and then one day, my succulents bloomed!

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I’ve been growing different kinds of succulents since years, now. Aloe Vera, Panda Plants, Burro’s Tail, Kalanchoe, Jade plants, Sunburst, Roseum, Zebra Plant, Hen & Chicks, Stonecrop, Dudleya, Pig’s Ear…the works. The plants have been mostly healthy, give or take one or two accidents while learning succulent care through trial and error.

I grew some of my succulents indoors and some outdoors. Watered them directly, and even then, only when the top soil was really dry to the touch, kept them in well-lit areas, rotated the plants every once in a while, used a loose potting mix, had well-draining pots, cleaned the dust off them regularly, used organic fertilizer in spring and summer…the works!

The Kalanchoes bloomed often, my Schlumbergera bloomed in winter, and the crown of thorns bloomed all through spring and summer. I had seen pictures of exotic succulent flowers, but never on any of the others succulent plants in my home.

I don’t know what did the trick. I believe it might be patience. Just keep at it, do the right thing and the rewards will come. Right now, it is late December and I have seven succulent plants in bloom.

Succulents are often overlooked in the garden as pollinator-friendly plants. Like all plants, they are vulnerable to insect pests. In an effort to keep pests away, we make the mistake of spraying pesticides.

The result is that pollinators stay away too. In my opinion, keeping the pots and garden clean and free of rot, developing a keen eye for bugs and pests are all you really need. Nature will do the rest. Once nature recognises you as a friend, trust me, it will bring pollinators your way. And the rest, will be wonderful history!

A few succulent pollinators are mentioned below:

Hummingbirds pollinate Aloe plicatilis, Aloe ‘Delta Lights’, Aloe striata, Echeveria ‘Etna’ and Echeveria pulodonis

Bees work magic on Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’, Crassula falcate, Delosperma nubigenum and Mesembryanthemums

Butterflies are pollinators of Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’, Crassula falcate, Calandrinia spectabilis, Senecio mandraliscae

Flies pollinate Stapelia hirsute, Orbea variegate and Huernia

Moths and Bats do their rounds on Night-blooming cacti, Epiphyllum (all species) and Yucca rostrata 

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