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14” Asparagus Macowanii


The dainty looking but hardy Asparagus Macowanii is a fast-growing, large asparagus plant with spectacular fine needle-like leaflets that give this hardy plant a delicate appearance, even though it is extremely easy to look after.

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Asparagus Macowanii

An ornamental ‘cousin’ to the edible Asparagus, this plant is more commonly used in cut flower arrangements than as a potted plant. It gets its name from the soft, airy fronds that resemble the foliage of the vegetable asparagus plant. This easy to care plant can be wonderful when used solo as a calming accent or grouped with other plants to create a lush, natural setting.

Adopting and caring for Asparagus Macowanii

Adopting: Adding a lush, well-grown Asparagus Macowanii to a plant collection is a feeling only a plant parent can understand. At eplants, we bring you display-ready plants with high-quality growth, compact shape, and well-formed leaves.
Locating: It’s best to locate an Asparagus away from a fully sunny spot. They do best in locations with bright indirect light, where their leaves get bushy and the plants get this classy look.
Potting: Like most plants, Asparagus needs rich, well-drained soil that has been fortified with organic material. So it is ideal to add good quantities of compost to the potting mix. A blend of coco-peat, compost and river sand in a 30:50:20 ratio should help the plant to do well. As an Asparagus matures, it develops crows or little tubers in its root structure that tends to crowd out the pot. So if your Asparagus is grown in a pot, it is important to check if the potting mixture has been overwhelmed by its roots, and a thinning may be necessary.
Watering: A well-grown Asparagus plant does well in humid conditions, so it needs watering and misting daily. While misting, concentrate on wetting its branches as much as its leaves.
Fertilising: Since the root structure of an Asparagus tends to crowd out its potting mixture over time, these plants need to be fed regularly. Feed them with organic liquid fertiliser once every fortnight. Use the same fertiliser to create a foliar spray and spray at half the strength. If you prefer a chemical fertiliser, do remember to protect the leaves and stem of your Asparagus while applying it.
Once you acquire an asparagus plant for your garden, it will continue to add beauty to your home for years and years. With minimal care, timely fertilizing schedules, and regular repotting this species can continue to remain a showpiece plant.

Did you know

While most people would think of an Asparagus a ‘Fern’, like Lilies, Tulips, or Amaranthus, taxonomically it’s a member of the Lily family.





Asparagus macowanii
Asparagus Macowanii
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  1. Deepa Watharkar (verified owner)

    Very good quality plants. And even packaging is very thoughtful. Plants received to Mumbai without any damage. Also they sent a letter about the plant care alongwith plant which was very useful.

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      Dear Deepa, Thank you for your review. We are glad that you had a great experience with us. We are working to get better all the time. Do visit occasionally as we keep updating our plant catalog.

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