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12” Calathea Picturata Argentea


With leaves that resemble giant medals, these natives of tropical Americas, Calathea have been collected by plant lovers for the beauty of their leaves. Showcasing their full range of greens, greys, browns, pinks and the occasional yellows on their foilage, Calathea are perfect for areas with less than full sun.

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Calathea Picturata

Among the most beautiful low-light plants, Calathea belong to the Marantaceae family, a species of flowering plants from tropical areas of America. Despite their flowers, they are loved for their wide, green, colorful leaves.

Adopting and caring for Calathea Picturata

Adopting: Adding a lush, well grown Calathea Picturata to a plant collection is a feeling only a plant parent can understand. At eplants we bring you display-ready plants with high-quality growth, compact shape and well-formed leaves
Locating: Many prayer plants require lower light than other popular plants. Darker the leaves, lower their light requirement. So, locate them indoors, under shaded balconies or under the cover of other plants. Direct sun exposure will lead to leaf burn and eventual loss of plant life
Potting: Calathea love moist, but not wet soil. So, having a 50:30:20 mixture of coco-peat, leaf-mould and sand will help them do well
Watering: These plants dislike drying out, so water them two or three times a week. Do a finger test every other day to check if the soil is too dry. If the leaves are droopy, the plant is thirsty and asking for water. Water generously and make sure? the excess water drains off
Fertilising: If your potting mix is right, Calathea do not require too much fertiliser. However, nourishing them with an organic liquid fertiliser two or three times a year will help them do well. If you are using a chemical mix, ensure that it doesn’t touch the leaves or it could cause leaf-burn
In all, few plants can beat the beauty of well-grown Calathea. The shape and colour of their leaves makes them excellent foliage plants. If you are looking for an indoor plant in your home or office that thrives in low light conditions, Calathea is perfect for you. Ensure that they are not exposed to bright and direct sunlight

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Calatheas are content with living in dark and warm areas like living rooms, bathrooms, halls or bedrooms.





Calathea Picturata
Calathea Picturata
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2 reviews for 12” Calathea Picturata Argentea

  1. Debasish Chatterjee (verified owner)

    I have ordered 3plants and paid accordingly but received 2, rest not yet confirmed from the Source. On time delivery with careful packages stands for 3star. If the full order delivered then please mark the rating as 5 star.

  2. debasish.tectonics (verified owner)

    Thanks ePlants for their careful delivery of healthy plants. I am just fond of these platform. I received what they displayed & I am 100% satisfied. I feel crazy always to get their quality stocks.
    My humble suggestion is to have more varieties in Adeniums, Anthuriums, Various types of Philodendrons, Ferns and Flowering Plants.
    Always wish to see this brand ePlants at a greater height.

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