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10” Callisia Repens – Hanging Baskets


Perfect for hanging baskets or to fill out a clip-on railing pot, Callista Repens is a fast growing low growing vine. With shades of pink, green and greys, here is a plant that adds colour to a leafy garden that is dominated by greens, browns and yellows. For best growth Callista love bright, sunny spots – even though they do best when shielded from the harsh evening sun.

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An extremely easy to care plant, provided you don’t overwater it, Callista Repens is a beautiful perennial. With it the right conditions and the plant could even end up becoming a weed, even though they are easy to manage and with a little bit of chopping and propping you can get beautiful, display pieces of the plant growing in your garden all year round.

Adopting and caring for Callista

Adopting: The best specimens look like furry pink balls. Uncared for ones tend to look leggy as these are the ones that are starved of light. When you adopt a Callista Repens you have an extremely easy to manage, fast growing plant that can fill up bright and sunny portions of your garden quickly.
Locating: Bright is a keyword when you are talking about Callista Repens. While they can tolerate direct sunlight during some time of the day, they do best in areas with bright indirect light, ideally away from the harsh west facing evening sun.
Potting: Callista are semi-succulents so they need to have a potting mix that does not retain too much water. Having a 30:30:40 mixture of coco-peat, leaf mould and sand will help them do the best.
Watering: As semi succulents here is a plant that does not like siggy conditions. Do a finger test every other day to check if the soil is too dry. If the leaves are droopy the plant is thirsty and asking for water. Water generously and make sure that the excess water drains off.
Fertilising: If your potting mix is right, Callista do not require too much fertiliser. However, nourishing them with an organic liquid fertiliser two or three times a year will help them do well. If you are using a chemical mix, ensure that they don’t touch the leaves or they will burn.
There are very few plants out there that are easier and faster to grow than Callista repens. Our recommendation would be to have multiple pots of this beautiful plant in various stages of growth. So as one set of plants start to lose their shape you can have a replacement plant take its place.

Did you know

Did you know? A Callista repens that does not get enough sun would turn grey green and quickly go out of shape





10'' Callisia Repens - Hanging Baskets
10” Callisia Repens – Hanging Baskets
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