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10” Cotton Candy Fern – Hanging Pot


If you are looking for a plant that can suit a humid bathroom with limited light, a cotton candy fern can be your choice. This is an unusual cultivar with soft, fluffy, candy-like green fronds that invite the touch and can bring in an air of tropics to the space.

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Nephrolepsis exalta or cotton candy fern is a plant that is a favourite of interior decorators and space designers as the variety can stay lush and evergreen even in low light conditions. The name of the plant aptly describes the cultivar that has a soft, fluffy stands as leaves. Like all tropical ferns, this cultivar too likes conditions that are relatively warm and humid.

Adopting and caring for the Cotton Candy Fern – Hanging

Adopting: Adding a lush, well-grown lightly variegated Cotton Candy Fern either as a potted specimen or one in a hanging basket to a plant collection is a feeling only a plant parent can understand. At eplants, we bring you display-ready plants with high-quality growth, compact shape and well-formed leaves.
Locating: Direct sun or overly bright light can bleach or burn the leaves of a Cotton Candy Fern. So any area that offers filtered light is best for these plants. They do extremely well in antique-styled brass and metal planters in areas with indirect light. Since these plants need regular watering and misting, care must be taken when they are located in areas with extremely low light.
Potting: Ferns need rich, well-drained soil that has been fortified with organic material. So it is ideal to mix good quantities of compost into the potting mix. A blend of coco-peat, compost, and river sand in a 30:50:20 ratio should help your Fern to do well.
Watering: Ferns demand regular watering and misting, but they cannot stand waterlogged conditions.
Fertilising: If you have a good potting mixture and your plants are looking bushy and healthy, you can skip the fertilising entirely. However, if you are keen to feed them, use an organic liquid fertiliser. If you are using a chemical mix, dilute them to have the prescribed strength and fertilise them once a month or so. Ensure that the chemicals don’t come in contact with the leaves.

Did you know

Did you know? The NASA Clean Air Study has recognised Ferns for its ability to remove cigarette smoke and Formaldehyde from the surrounding air.





10'' Cotton Candy Fern - Hanging Pot
10” Cotton Candy Fern – Hanging Pot
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Cotton Candy

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