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16” Ficus Elastica ‘Burgundy’


A variegated version of the Ficus Burgundy. In some, the green is so dark it’s almost black, in others the green has tinges of brown and rarely is the green, well green. Instead of the creamy white variegation of the equally wish-list Ficus Tineke, the variegation on a Ruby varies from a pinky-tinged cream to an almost glowing coral-pink.

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Ficus Elastica Burgundy

Famous for having been the tree under which Buddha found enlightenment, a Ficus tree is a native of the tropics having been grown for its religious, and more recently decorative value. These extremely hardy and long-living trees fit perfectly in indoor settings and are the perfect specimens around which artists who create Bonsai love to work on. These adaptable plants are at ease, out in the open garden – even though some varieties tend to grow wild and unruly and in indoor settings.

Adopting and caring for Ficus Elastica Burgundy

Adopting: As with every plant look for healthy specimens with well-formed leaves. An uncared rubber plant will be leggy, with a long naked stem that makes them ugly. We deliver happy, well-grown plants without any sign of stem or leaf damage.
Locating: Strong, direct sunlight can bleach, even burn the leaves of a Ficus, so it is better to have them in shaded, lower light areas. If you are growing them indoors, or a well-shaded balcony we recommend that you move the plant around to a spot that has better light once every few weeks
Potting: Since these plants are natives of the tropics they need porous, well-drained soils. They do well in a 30:30:30:10 mix of coco-peat, compost, coarse sand and Perlite
Watering: A Ficus needs less water than most indoor plants. It’s a good idea to hold off watering them until the top layer of soil is dry to touch. Drooping or yellowing leaves could indicate over-watering or poor drainage.
Fertilising: If your potting mix is right, these plants will not require too much fertiliser. However, nourishing them with an organic liquid fertiliser two or three times a year will help them do well. If you are using a chemical mix, ensure that they don’t touch the stem or its leaves. This could damage the plant.

Did you know?

Rubber plants are known to increase humidity in the air around them and hence thought to reduce suspended particles





Ficus Elastica ‘Burgundy’
Ficus Variegated Ruby
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Touch of Red

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