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30” Ficus Starlight


Ficus Starlight or Weeping Benjamina is a native of the tropical regions of Asia and Australia. Belonging to the Moraceae family, the plant has glossy green leaves variegated with white. The stems of young plants are flexible and are sometimes braided or twisted. They can also be trained into bonsai specimens. When grown outdoors, a Benjamina can become large trees with oblong leaves, adding a spectacular dimension to a landscaped garden. A favourite house plant, Ficus are slow growers, but with the right care, they stay alive for decades and even bear fruits after a while.

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Adopting and caring for Ficus Starlight

Adopting: Adding a healthy, well-grown Ficus Starlight to a plant collection is a feeling only a plant parent can understand. At eplants, we bring you display-ready plants with high-quality growth, compact shape and well-formed leaves.
Locating: Strong, direct sunlight can burn the leaves of a Ficus, so it is better to grow them in well lit yet slightly shaded areas. If you are growing them indoors, or a well-shaded balcony we recommend that you move the plant around to a spot that has better light once every few weeks
Potting: Since these plants are natives of Asia, they need rich and fast-draining soil. They do well in a 30:30:30:10 mix of coco-peat, compost, coarse sand and Perlite
Watering: Ficus needs less watering than most other plants. It’s a good idea to hold off watering them until the top layer of soil dry to touch. Drooping or yellowing leaves could indicate over-watering or poor drainage
Fertilising: If your potting mix is right, these plants will not require too much fertiliser. However, nourishing them with an organic liquid fertiliser two or three times a year will help them do well. If you are using a chemical mix, ensure that they don’t touch the stalk or its leaves. This could damage the plant.

Did you know?

The plant originated from Latin ?Ficus? that stands for ?fig,? and ?benjamina? ? from its Hindi name ?Benjan”



Ficus Triangularis
Ficus Triangularis
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