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7” Fittonia Titanic


Fittonia. Often called the Nerve Plant or the Mosaic Plant because of its distinctive veins that run through its leaves. There are many hybrids of Fittonias that feature many different patterns of veining and patterning on its leaves. The plant is a native of the warm, humid tropical regions of South America and has travelled well to other tropical regions and to temperate zones where they do well in temperature-controlled environments of warmth and high humidity.

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Adopting and caring for Fittonia

Adopting: Fittonia Titanic is a compact ground dweller that is all about its beautiful leaves. So look for lush, well-grown plants that are dense and rich with deeply veined leaves. It is best to avoid plants that are scarred or show signs of insect damage.
Locating: Direct sun or overly bright light can burn the leaves of a Fittonia, even kill these plants. So any area that offers filtered light is best for these plants. They do extremely well in hanging baskets placed in areas with indirect light. Since these plants need regular watering and misting care must be taken when they are located in areas with extremely low light.
Potting: Fittonia need rich, well-drained soils that have been fortified with organic material. So it is ideal to mix good quantities of compost into the potting mix. A blend of cocopeat, compost and river sand in a 30:50:20 ratio should help your Wandering Jew to do well.
Watering: Fittonia demand regular watering and misting, even though they can’t stand waterlogged conditions. So ensuring a good, well-draining potting mixture is ideal to keep your plant happy
Fertilising: The beauty of a Fittonia plant is the unique veining that these plants exhibit on their leaves. Too much fertiliser can cause their leaves to lose this characteristic. If you have a good potting mixture and the plants are looking bushy and healthy, you can skip the fertilising entirely. However, if you are keen to feed them use an organic liquid fertiliser. If you are using a chemical mix, dilute them to have the prescribed strength and fertilise them once a month or so. Do ensure that the chemicals don’t come in contact with the leaves
Fittonia are plants that are extremely easy culture, taking root readily from cuttings, and thus are very popular indoor plants. These plants will achieve the most vibrant, bright colours in high, bright indirect light and at consistently warmer temperatures.

Did you know

Did you know? A Fittonia will tell you when it’s thirsty. Look for limp plants or droopy leaves. Water them, and in a few hours they are back to their very best





Fittonia Titanic
Fittonia Titanic
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