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23” Ponytail Palm


When it comes to using a metaphor to describe a plant, you can’t go wrong with Ponytail. This tropical specimen has stiff, narrow ribbon-like leaves that all emerge from a little round bulb and up the stem like a ponytail would. These leaves are almost always deep green, arranged symmetrically around its unusual long-necked, jug like base. Ponytail Palm specimens are very unusual plants that vary in height, from 10″ to up to 10 feet or more, when grown in the open garden.

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Adopting and caring for Ponytail Palm

Adopting: For lovers of tropical settings acquiring a Palm is a no brainer. At eplants we offer compact, display-ready specimens of Ponytail Palms that do well on tabletops, at home and in office.
Locating: The ideal place for a Ponytail Palm is out in the open sun, or in a shaded spot in the garden. But if you are looking for a plant that can give your home a lush tropical feel this species is a good choice too. Try to locate it near a window, or under good artificial lights.
Potting: A Ponytail Palm doesn’t need any special type of potting soil. As tropical plants, they do well in any well-drained potting soil. Having a mix with a strong gravel base and organic components is best for these plants. Use a mix of cocopeat, sand, compost in 40:50:20 ratio.
Watering: Ponytail Palms are hardy species that need limited or no watering if grown in the open. If you are growing them indoors in pots, watering them twice a week is all they need. Because of the nature of their leaves, it is recommended to spray them with water regularly to dislodge dust or dirt that could accumulate on them.
Fertilising: If you want to maintain a happy Ponytail Palm with showy leaves, having a regular fertilising schedule is a good idea. We recommend using an organic liquid fertiliser once every month. Dilute it in water as described on the pack and add little to each pot as part of your watering routine. If you are using a chemical fertiliser do ensure that you keep it away from its leaves, stem and roots.
A well-grown Ponytail Palm can instantly add a tropical touch to any setting. Whether you are growing them indoors, on a balcony or out in the open these unique foliage species with their ribbon-like leaf are true eye-catchers. Anyone looking to create an easy to care tropical setting could do well with a Ponytail Palm.

Did you know

Did you know: Even though they are flowering plants, it takes a decade or more for a Ponytail Palm to bloom.





Palm Ponytail
Palm Ponytail
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1 review for 23” Ponytail Palm

  1. Ravi Vaswani (verified owner)

    ePlants is doing a great job, plants delivered are really good quality, I think it is expensive for sure but with consideration to quality of plant and delivery…I think great job Team,…..wish they get more variety…Pony Tail palm was 2nd last plant in my bucket list…so I am happy to have a good one.

    • Admin

      Thanks Ravi for your review. We work hard to bring you display ready plants. Wonderful to read your review and your five stars. Look forward to seeing you on soon

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