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10” Philodendron Orange Congo


Another non-trailing Philodendron, Orange Congo are large-leafed house plants that can add stunning colours to your home. One of the many new hybrids of Philodendrons, these Aroids have caught the fancy of collectors around the world, fuelling a rage to collect new and exotic varieties of Instagram-friendly plants. With some 500 species of Philodendrons and various hybrids to pick from, there are enough and more of this species to keep a collector busy for a lifetime.

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Philodendron Orange Congo

Philodendron, derived from Greek Philo (love) and Dendron (Tree) is a classy tropical plant grown for its foliage. Natives of the American Tropics, Philos have travelled around the world and have been naturalised across tropical Asia and parts of Australia. Grown ornamentally for their foliage, these plants are collected for their spectacular leaf forms, variegation and leaf fenestration. Philodendrons evolved under the forest canopy and hence love shaded conditions outdoors or in areas of filtered light, indoors. They are moisture lovers, needing additional humidity in drier parts of India.

Adopting and caring for Philodendron Orange Congo

Adopting: Adding a well-grown Philodendron to a plant collection is a feeling only a plant parent can understand. At eplants, we bring you display-ready, well-trained plants with high-quality growth and lush leaves.
Locating: Philodendrons are shade growers that thrive in medium to bright light even though they are known to tolerate low light conditions too. If you are locating them indoors, it?s best to rotate the plants around once every few weeks, giving them a bright window or a balcony for a few days.
Potting: Philodendrons do not need any special type of potting soil. Being tropical natives, they do well in any well-drained potting soil, rich with organic material. Use a mix of coco-peat, compost, sand in 20:60:20 ratio.
Watering: Overwatering is the chief cause of disease or loss of plant life. While a Philodendron needs regular watering, do ensure that you don’t overwater them. To get the plant to show off their richly coloured leaves it is best to wipe them clean with a moist tissue or cloth once every month. In drier months, misting them a few times a week could help improve humidity around the plant, helping them flourish.
Fertilising: Feeding your Philodendron a few times a year is a good way to get them to stay healthy. Give them some organic liquid fertiliser once or twice a year. Dilute it in water as described on the pack and add a little to each pot as part of your watering routine. If you are using a chemical fertiliser, do ensure that you keep it away from the plant and its base.
A Philodendron is an easy to care plant. You can take cuttings of any stem from the plant, place it in a bottle or jar of water, and in days it will begin to root. Even in just water, these clippings will continue to grow and leaf out.

Did you know?

A Philodendron can tear up! If you overwater this wonderful plant, it won’t sit in wet roots as fussier plants do. It will absorb all the water and then releases the excess through its leaves.





Philodendron Orange Congo
Philodendron Orange Congo
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2 reviews for 10” Philodendron Orange Congo

  1. vamsi kishan (verified owner)

    Excellent packing but the plant was came outside from the pot when I have opened the packing. Because the soil media was very heavy Kindly use coco peat or coco husk and also tape the pot so that the plant can stay with the pot and also it’s not 13 inches its around 8 inches plant. Got a healthy plant have to check weather it will survive or not

  2. Shilpa Manohar (verified owner)

    Go for it. I usually had mostly bad experiences with other websites, in terms of shipping damages or delay or receiving not so healthy or dead plant etc. But here it was different, I received the product at expected time and the plants were very healthy, fresh which is not the case with most sellers. Looking forward to buy more. Im so glad that there is eplants for plants shopping.

    • Admin

      Thank you for your encouraging words Shilpa. We work really hard to make plant buying and caring for a truly special experience. And reviews like the one you posted tell us that our approach is the right one. Thank you once again for your post. ????

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