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10” Spathacea Purple Rhoeo


Three distinct colours, neon pink, green and cream come together to make a Spathacea Tricolour a truly unique specimen. Also known as Moses in a Cradle, it got this nickname from its flowers that look like they are cradled in tiny boat shaped bracts. This humidity loving species are natives of the North American tropics and hence need highly drained soils that do not hold too much water.

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Adopting and caring for Spathacea Rhoeo

Adopting: Adding a standout Rhoeo to a plant collection is a feeling only a true plant parent can understand. At eplants, we bring you display-ready plants with rich colours, compact shape and well-formed leaves.
Locating: Spathacea will thrive in areas with bright light and indirect sun. If you are settling the plants indoors, it’s best to rotate their location once every few weeks, giving them a bright window or a balcony for a few days.
Potting: Spathacea do not need any special type of potting soil. Being natives of the tropical regions of Central America, they do well in any well-drained potting soil, rich with organic material. Use a mix of coco-peat, compost, sand in 20:60:20 ratio
Watering: Overwatering is the chief cause of disease or loss of plant life. While a Spathacea needs regular watering, do ensure that you don’t overwater them. In months with low humidity, misting them regularly could help improve the environment around the plant and help them flourish.
Fertilising: Feeding your Spathacea a few times a year is a good way to get them to stay healthy. Give them some organic liquid fertiliser once or twice a year. Dilute it in water, as described on the pack and add a little to each pot, as part of your watering routine. If you are using chemical fertiliser, do ensure that you keep it away from the plant and its base.
Due to its ability to spread, Spathacea makes a good groundcover plant and will add intense colour to subtropical and tropical rock gardens, as well as cacti and succulent setups.

Did you know?

Natives who live in areas where the plant originates cook and eat the roots of the plant, they say it tastes like oysters.





Spathacea Purple Rhoeo
Spathacea Purple Rhoeo
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Bronzed Beauty

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