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8” String of Hearts


If you are looking for a unique, easy to care conversation starter of a plant you can’t go wrong with String of Hearts. Here is a fast-growing succulent (yes a succulent) that is ideal for hanging baskets, in pots arranged on a brightly lit shelf, or window sill. As you must have guessed already the plant gets its name thanks to its heart-shaped leaves, each of which dangles down its string-like stem.

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A native of Southern Africa and Zimbabwe, here is a trailing vine that can hang loose from its pot for up to 6 feet in length. Its tiny leaves have an eye-catching marbled pattern that increases in depth when exposed to bright light. Dig around in a pot of String of hearts and you could encounter small bead-like tubers that add to the charm of this exotic specimen.

Adopting and caring for a Ceropegia woodii

Adopting: It’s easy to fall in love with the String of Hearts shipped by eplants. Our display-ready collection of plants offer healthy, well-grown specimens that are beautiful and well-rooted. Sold in hanging baskets that showcase the beauty of these plants, here is a species that could soon become your favourite plant.
Locating: True to its succulent lineage, String of Hearts thrive in areas that are airy and bright. Set the plant up in an open spot in your home or office. While we won’t recommend growing them under direct sunlight, specially the evening sun, these are plants that can take some sun during the day. They can also be grown under artificial fluorescent lights like the ones in offices.
Potting: As a succulent, these plants do well in porous coarse soil. While they love to receive their nutrients from organic components added to the soil too much organic fertiliser can make the mixture soggy and less than ideal for the robust growth of String of Hearts
Watering: Overwatering is the chief cause of disease or death of any plant. A succulent, String of Hearts are drought tolerant, but they could do with little sprinkles of water a few times a month. The right kind of potting mixture will ensure that your plant will not have to endure standing water at any point.
Fertilising: Feeding your String of Hearts a few times a year is a good way to get them to thrive. So give them some organic liquid fertiliser once or twice a year. Dilute it in water as described on the pack and add a little to each pot as part of your watering routine. If you are using a chemical fertiliser do ensure that you keep it away from the plant and its base.
The Instagram generation has really taken String of Hearts to their, well their heart. With millions of posts and active online discussions on where to buy, how to care for and ways to propagate the unusual visual appeal of Ceropegia woodii means they are here to stay fashionable for years to come.



8'' String of Hearts
8” String of Hearts
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Heart Beads

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  1. Devangana Yadav (verified owner)

    I received the plant in absolute perfect condition. As Eplants claim plants will be delivered exactly as shown in pictures it is true in all sense.
    Packaging was great 👍🏼
    Eplants team thank you for your prompt delivery.
    Keep up the good work.

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